Planisfaire - Customer management software for craftsmen, servicing, maintenance and service companies. 100% web and mobile.

Geolocation, planning of customer appointments, creation of intervention certificates, route optimization, customer recall campaigns and invoicing.

With Planisfaire, optimize your routes and efficiently manage your customer portfolio:

  • Access in real time to all the details of your customer portfolio: Customer information and location, details of interventions carried out, quotes and invoicing. And all this from your mobile, tablet or pc.
  • Effectively geolocate your customers: Use integrated geolocation to plan your trips quickly from your mobile. Quickly find all customers around an address.
  • Forget paper diaries. Plan all your customer appointments in a few clicks and centrally.
    Use the automatic time slot search to save fuel between your trips.
    Access your schedule from your mobile..
  • No more paper intervention reports. Create and send your certificates and intervention reports directly to your customers by email. Your customers can sign these reports directly from a tablet or mobile.
    Your customers don't have an E-mail? No problem. Print them in 1 click from your mobile.
  • Don't spend so much time calling your customers back. Create your customer reminder campaigns directly from Planisfaire by email and SMS.
    You can also define automated reminders after each intervention. That way, your customer will be automatically contacted at the next deadline.
  • Customize / create your quotes and invoices directly in Planisfaire.
    Send your invoices directly by email to your customers. Generate Excel reports for your accountant.
  • Do you have a customer on the phone and you want to quickly access their details and their intervention history? Quickly find any customer thanks to the integrated search engine. Search for a client by name, address, phone number, date of intervention, etc.
  • Track all your activity in real time thanks to the dashboard and integrated reports.
    Follow the curve of interventions carried out each week, reminders sent or soon sent, upcoming scheduled appointments , turnover, etc.

Who is Planisfaire for?

Your customer file available from anywhere

Details and location of your customers, last interventions carried out, quotes and invoicing, intervention certificates, list of unpaid bills, attachments.
Access all your customers' information at a glance and from anywhere

Geolocate and group your customers by geographic area

From your mobile, press a button to quickly plan trips to your customers.
Optimize your appointments by geographic area.
Find all your customers in a given perimeter and send them an email or an SMS in 2 clicks.

Optimize your journeys by geolocation and save fuel

Planisfaire offers you geographically optimized appointments in order to save you fuel, schedule more appointments during the day or simply spend less time on the road.

Your customer meeting schedule accessible from anywhere

Forget paper diaries!
With Planisfaire, plan your appointments and those of your teams in a shared schedule.
Your customers automatically receive reminders by email or SMS before each appointment.
Access your appointment schedule in the blink of an eye from your mobile.

Create and send intervention certificates by email to your customers

Are you a chimney sweep and create dozens of certificates per day? Go digital and send your intervention certificates directly by email to your customers.
Your customers can sign these certificates directly from your mobile or tablet.

Automatically relaunch your customers at the end of the maintenance deadline

Stop wasting time reminding your customers at every deadline and during off-peak periods.
Create automated customer reminders by email and SMS in the blink of an eye.

Dematerialize your quotes and invoices

Directly create your quotes and invoices in Planisfaire. Send them directly by email to your customers.
Easily find and manage unpaid bills.

Simple, intuitive and fast

Planisfaire was designed in partnership with artisans in the field to make it as simple and efficient as possible.
Forget about overly complicated software.
It only takes a few minutes to get started with Planisfaire.

100% mobile

We suspect that you are more frequently in the field than in front of a pc.
That's good, 100% of the features of our software can be used from a mobile or tablet.

One application to do it all whether you are on mobile or PC

unlike other software, our app is the same whether you are on a mobile, tablet, PC or Mac.
Here, no mobile application limited to certain features only...

Free trial without commitment

Try Planisfaire for free.

No commitment, no CB request and no application to install.
Planisfaire is compatible with all platforms (PC, Mac, mobile and tablet)

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